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...designed by PLP Graphic Design Services. PLP is a small company concerned with your small company's promotional needs, and is cognizant of your budget. We offer the kind of personalized customer service that big techno-companies only write advertisements about. You won’t have to go through layers of automated phone recordings to reach someone who will help you.

Our services include new domain name search and registration, site design and development (including photography, graphics, and writing), and ongoing maintenance of your site. We will place your new site on the World Wide Web and link it to general internet search engines as well as sites specific to your field of interest. We can set up e-mail addresses and create order forms and credit card transactions. The cost of your website will vary depending on your design and technological needs.

We believe in good, clean, welcoming sites that are easy to look at and logical to navigate through. Fast-loading "flash" animation -- such as that on PLP's homepage -- is an option that will impress visitors to your site. After visiting a sampling of our websites, please email or call (908) 696-0053 to discuss your needs.

CLIENT: Trinka Hakes Noble
OBJECTIVE: An acclaimed author and illustrator of children's books, Trinka needed a presence on the web for schools, parents, and young readers.  
flash animation, her illustrations are animated on the homepage and cleverly used in the links throughout the site.
COMMENT BY CLIENT: "I needed a website that was both highly professional and kid friendly, plus I wanted an eye catching design.  PLP Graphic Design was able to meld all three of my requirements and give my website a homey feel as well.  I was very pleased. In no time, I received webmail and inquiries for school visits from my website."
- Trinka Hakes Noble, Author and Illustrator, Bernardsville, NJ
CLIENT: Appleton Productions
Lead East is an annual Oldies Music and Old Car Show billed as the "World's Biggest 50's Party" and site should communicate that. Redesign old site so it is more easily navigable for not-so-savvy web travellers. Flash animation and musical intro sets the tone and draws visitors in.
COMMENT BY CLIENT: "Gail at PLP reorganized our previously complicated website, transforming it from a jumbled confusing mess into an easy-to-understand and follow site. And through sound and color and design, she captured the feeling of FIFTIES and FUN - which is what Lead East is all about !"
- Terry Cook, President, Appleton Productions, Long Valley, NJ
CLIENT: Stacy Sibona
OBJECTIVE: A bodywork therapist who desired an even busier practice needed a web presence. PLP designed the site to go with existing printed materials, logo, etc.
Four simple html pages with excellent photographs supplied by Mike Tesi Photography.

COMMENT BY CLIENT: "I was so intimidated by the prospect of creating a website that I postponed it for more than two years. Gail made the creation of my website painless. Gail's professionalism did not impede her ability to be real, humorous, pleasant, or effective. She came up with quick design options, sketches and ideas on how to make my page more impactful. Why did I wait so long? "
-Stacy Sibona, Nationally Certified Massage Therapis, Chatham, NJ
CLIENT: Appleton Productions
A new site reflecting the classy design and high quality of a company "recreating the most beautiful cars in the world."
COMMENT BY CLIENT: "I am thrilled with the excellent job PLP is doing for my company, both on my and websites. Not only does Gail provide us with clean, crisp designs and execution, working with her is a pleasure compared to other web designers I have experienced in the past who are slow, unresponsive, and don't have suggestions how we might improve our sites. I strongly reccommend PLP Graphic Design Services to anyone considering having their website either created or updated. Interested parties please feel free to contact me directly regarding my experiences with PLP - (908) 876-9100."
- Terry Cook, President, Appleton Productions, Long Valley, NJ
CLIENT: Karen Luschar
OBJECTIVE: Create a website consistent with collateral promotional material, and give visitors a chance to see and hear singer Karen Luschar through
flash animation and a soundclip, rather than using streaming video with its long download time.
COMMENT BY CLIENT: "As a performer, I wanted a website that was professional, classy without being stuffy, and that jumped off the page. Gail took the ball and ran with it, taking both of our ideas and making a site that is fun, exciting, and tailor-made for me. I couldn't have asked for a better web designer. Gail was very professional, creative, easy to work with, and always positive. I get wonderful feedback about the site."
- Karen Luschar, Entertainer, Bloomfield, NJ
CLIENT: Musicals Tonight! Inc.
OBJECTIVE: To develop a web presence for the NYC-based, not-for-profit theatre company which performs musical revivals. Broadway-themed
Flash-animated site keeps visitors up-to-date on current musicals and concerts, as well as details on all shows from past seasons.
"Musicals Tonight is a very small theatrical fish and many of my patrons have been more than flattering about our web site. They consider our PLP Graphic Design site far superior to the sites created by much better funded arts organizations. Bravo!"
- Mel Miller, Producer, Musicals Tonight! Inc., New York, NY
CLIENT: Chatham Landscape Contractors, Inc.
OBJECTIVE: An informative website that is rich with visual examples of CLC's outdoor design possibilities.
Interactive site design consistent with full color brochure also designed by PLP.
COMMENT BY CLIENT: "We are very pleased with the sophisticated yet informational website that PLP Graphic Design developed for Chatham Landscape. The website builds on our "Your Dream Is Our Business" brochure, also designed by PLP. The interactive Portfolio allows viewers to see many more examples of our work than could be used in a printed piece, and PLP can update and add photos as they become available."
- Kevin Kloberg, President, Chatham Landscape, Bound Brook, NJ
CLIENT: bodyHeart Therapy Center
OBJECTIVE: A presence on the web that captures the feeling of this multifaceted center that deals with mind-body-spirit.
Flash-animated logo, color, and content of site are consistent with existing print materials.
COMMENT BY CLIENT: "Every time I look at the bodyHeart website Gail created, it makes me smile. I feel that she captured us in a beautiful, loving, integrated way. I have received countless compliments on the site, including from a computer technician, who began, 'I don't say this about many sites, but...' Working with Gail was a great co-creative experience and we will continue to add to the site as the bodyHeart Therapy Center expands."
- Sarah King Borda, Owner and Director, bodyHeart Therapy Center, Chester, NJ
CLIENT: Michelle Els Fitness Consulting  
OBJECTIVE: Offering personal exercise training in her New Jersey home and also online, Michelle Els needed a new website to get the word out. Photographer Michael Downey provided photographs of Michelle working with her clientele.
COMMENT BY CLIENT: "With my expanding business, I knew I needed to have a website, and I am pleased with the site that PLP created for me.  I enjoyed working collaboratively, so that my color choices and other ideas were integrated into the developing design."
- Michelle Els, Personal Trainer, Long Valley, NJ
CLIENT: Emerging Healthcare Partners
OBJECTIVE: Six-year-old site needed updating to fresh look with improved navigability.  Logo and new links now
flash animated, new page heads supplied, site content streamlined, and new photos added for a polished, professional look.
COMMENT BY CLIENT: "Gail was extremely responsive and very easy to work with.  She provided solid suggestions and ideas but was also very receptive to how I wanted things to work. She did a great job on our website and I am fortunate to have found PLP."
- Greg E. Flanagan, President / Founder
Emerging Healthcare Partners, Danbury, CT
CLIENT: Night Eagle Wilderness Adventures, Inc.
OBJECTIVE: To design new website for unique Vermont boys' camp, based on early Sioux culture. Targeted audience: 10-12 year old boys and their parents.
Flash-animated site design consistent with 20-page brochure also designed by PLP.
COMMENT BY CLIENT: "Gail at PLP wowed us with our website. Our site is colorful, easy to manipulate, and informative. Looking at our competitors' sites, it seems they have paid somebody to make their websites do tricks (video, buttons, etc.) rather than look personal, attractive and inviting (as ours is). Our website is key to our enrollment -- about 80% of our inquiries come through the website. Even if someone sees an ad somewhere, most check the website before inquiring."
- Kelly & Bruce Moreton, Owners & Operators, Night Eagle Wilderness Adventures, Inc., Cuttingsville, VT
CLIENT: Acupuncture Center of New Jersey
OBJECTIVE: To update a previous site which had never been fully developed and did not reflect the unique atmosphere of the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey.
Flash-animated homepage and links
COMMENT BY CLIENT: "Gail Mardfin of PLP Graphic Design took our old static and overly wordy website and created a welcoming, informative, and professional site that is both user friendly and rich in content.  A good number of our patients have come to us after being directed to our site and liking what they found!"
- Lisa Brick, C.A., Acupuncture Center of New Jersey, Morristown, NJ
CLIENT: Hahn's Woodworking Company, Inc.
OBJECTIVE: To redesign an out-of-date website to highlight in words, photos, and drawings the high quality carriage house barn doors this company designs and manufactures. To deliver helpful information for architects and builders. To make ordering a brochure online easy for homeowners and others in search of doors for new or existing garages.
Flash animated homepage with sound.
"I'm very pleased with the new website Gail Mardfin created for Hahn's Woodworking, and I look forward to a continuing relationship with PLP for the site's maintenance. It's of high quality, colorful, and full of valuable information to our customers. In fact,
since uploading the site, our weekly requests for brochures have grown exponentially!"
- Scott Hahn, President, Hahn's Woodworking Co., Inc., Branchburg, NJ
CLIENT: NE Pennsylvania Bike Tour
OBJECTIVE: Three bed-and-breakfast inns in Northeastern Pennsylvania, which together offer a three-day bike tour from inn to inn, required a web presence to support their printed marketing material. Links to their individual sites also needed.
Flash animated.
"We gave Gail Mardfin at PLP the task of designing our logo and turning our bike tour promotion into a website that was appealing, attractive, and cost effective, and to do so as quickly as possible! Not only did she exceed those expectations, but she also handled all of the technical aspects of getting us on-line, registered with numerous search engines, etc. in a most professional manner, staying in contact with us throughout the entire process. We're pleased to have Gail maintaining our site, as this allows all of us to devote more energy to innkeeping, for which we are better qualified!"
- Kim Ross, General Manager, Stone Bridge Inn and Restaurant, Union Dale, PA
CLIENT: Bernardsville Yoga Center
OBJECTIVE: To develop a commercial site promoting and selling the CD, "A Yoga Journey," a guided yoga practice. Site includes sound clips as well as general information about the Bernardsville Yoga Center.
COMMENT BY CLIENT: "I didn't know what was involved when I first asked PLP to design a website to advertise my CD. (Gail also designed a promotional post card advertising my CD.) She was on top of everything at every turn. If something had to be changed she e-mailed me immediately that the changes were made. Most of all I loved the personal interest she took and her calm demeanor no matter what happened."
- Marcia Trachtenberg, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Basking Ridge, NJ

Website Price Structure

$250-350. PLP will custom design your homepage using your company’s preexisting logo*, eye-catching verbal and visual "hooks," well-written text, and easy-to-follow guideposts, PLP will create an inviting, informative entryway to your site. We’ll design your site with intelligence, creativity, and expertise.

"Flash" animation is a fun, eye-catching welcome on the door of your site, as demonstrated on several of the sites listed above. A flash-animated homepage would cost $350-450 -- and worth every dollar in viewer appeal.

(*PLP Graphic Design Services can also create an excellent, multi-purpose logo for your business at an additional cost.)

Additional pages
$150-$350** each, depending on complexity of visual material, origin of materials (how much is supplied by you, how much by PLP), and whether online customer response forms, shopping cart set-up, etc. is required. For a site with many pages and/or multiple changes, these costs may be figured at a $70/hour design fee. Pricing structure is determined beforehand in a contract between the client and PLP.

Online shopping cart pages
Please contact us for a price quote.

Registering and posting your site
$30** to register your domain/site (i.e. for one year, $110 for 5 years, or anything in between
$25-$40/month to post your site on the internet, billed semi-annually

Submitting your site to search engines
$100 to link your site with more than 1500 search engines, resubmitted monthly for 6 months
or $150 to resubmit it monthly for a full year. If your site is not structured properly and you’re not linked via a variety of search engines (general search tools plus industry specific guides), people will never find your site on the internet!

Website maintenance
Once your site is up and running, PLP can meet your site maintenance needs. We’ll keep the site up to date with changing information, dates, new products, and current programs. Information can be updated on a weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly program. Working with a specified person or two at your organization via phone, e-mail or mail, our webmaster offers a year-round web maintenance service to keep your site fresh, accurate, and up to date for new and return visitors.

** Prices subject to change with notice to client.

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