What does PLP stand for, anyway?

PLP, a small graphic design business, got its start in 1996 working primarily in print media. With the express lane open on the information superhighway, moving to website design was a natural progression, but after 15 years and many advancements in internet technology, we are moving back to what we do best: logos and print media.

If your visual design needs include an original or updated logo design, business cards, "leave-behind" promotional materials like flyers or brochures, calendars, mailers or anything else, we invite you to contact PLP. "Clever," "resourceful," and "easy to work with" are words satisfied clients use to describe PLP’s staff. We like to think; we like to design; and we like people!

Collaboration and communication between PLP and clients have taken place in person, by phone, fax, and/or email. Though visual design work often begins as a sketch by hand, all images are digitally transformed using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Quark, among others, for versatile and seamless use on paper or the internet.

The owner and principal designer of PLP Graphic Design Services is Gail Mardfin. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, master’s degree in studio art, and 20 years as a high school art teacher working in a range of media (drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, collage), she also served for several years as director of public relations and publications for an independent school in the northeast. A skilled artist, quick-witted thinker, and versatile writer, her creative background even includes tattoo design! Visit also her fine art site, SeetheGood.net.

Oh, and the initials PLP stand for Peace, Love, Prosperity -- which is what we wish for you, ourselves, and everyone in this great big, though ever-shrinking, world. And what about our logo? Drawn freehand on a Wacom tablet, the PLP logo captures many aspects of the spirit of this business. The logo is a simple image that has been variously seen as a dove (Peace), a heart (Love), or money in a billfold (Prosperity!). Please contact us; we'd love to do business with you.

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