What’s so great about websites?

First of all, they’re democratic.
Not every business can afford a full-page ad in the New York Times, but virtually everyone can afford the advertising scope and accessibility that websites provide. Act now to put your website in front of the more than 322 million people online worldwide -- with participation accelerating!

No trees have to die to promote your business.
Of course paper and print media have their place, but when you think of all the “junk mail” that you throw into the paper recycling bin (hopefully!), you know how deluged we are with “eye bites” on paper. When people sit down to do research, business or pleasure on the internet, they have chosen to focus their attention there, and if your business is within their reach, voila!

Your resources go farther with websites.
With printed promotional materials, there are usually some financial limits to constrain you. Of course, we at PLP enjoy the challenge of being resourceful with your resources -- making a one or two-color printed piece truly attractive and eye catching -- but with a website you can be as colorful as you want at no extra cost. Full color photos, cheery or sedate backgrounds, and lively text cost no more or less than a one or two color site. (Of course, colors do need to be chosen and used wisely or you can end up with a crazy patchwork of flashing, hard-to-read graphics, but that’s another story.)

You can keep them up-to-the-minute and accurate.
Ever spend hundreds of dollars on a print promotion only to have it outdated before the ink is dry? Discover a spelling error after you’ve sent out 2,000 of them? Want to inform people of price changes or new contact numbers? Changes are easy as pie with a website. PLP’s website maintenance service will keep your site up to date with changing information, dates, new products, and current programs and pictures.

Your site will tell all who see it, “We’re current; we’re tasteful; now here’s what we do ...”
When you put your business or organization on the world wide web and have it linked properly to various search engines and related sites, you have taken a major step ahead in your marketing or informational outreach. Whether you want to promote an understanding of your organization’s purpose, get customers to order products, or have clients register for a free giveaway, the investment you make in a good-looking, well-constructed website will pay off for your business. Without speaking a word, your business will be introduced to your potential customers as a clean, strong, well-run organization.

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